How to Overcome Feelings of Oppression

When You're a Feeler

Hosted by Matt Sorger, a prophetic minister who has had 30 years of experience with the discerning of spirits and navigating feeling in the spirit realm. 

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In This Webinar, You'll Discover...

How To

Shut open doors to the demonic in your life and be an atmosphere shifter.

How To

Live from a heavenly place where you are over and not under. 

How To

Disempower the enemy and insulate yourself in the Glory of God.

You Can Be Free From ALL Oppression of the Enemy!

You are a feeler. God has wired you that way. That means you will feel things in the spirit realm, maybe more than others. You need to learn how to navigate what you feel so you don't come under needless spiritual warfare and oppression. You can be victorious and live above it.

I Overcame Needless Suffering 

I've been a "feeler" since I first received the gift of discerning of spirits. I felt EVERYTHING in the spirit realm. I suffered from endless hours of feeling oppressed and not knowing how to make it go away. That's why I created this FREE WEBINAR. So I can give you some insights into what I have learned from 30 years of experience. And so that YOU can rise above all oppression. 

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Thank you Matt! I am so very grateful that God has led me to this teaching. I have been a 'feeler' for many years and have come to understand that I have the gift of discerning of spirits. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I have slowly learnt over the years how to deal with the oppression that I have sensed and that has come upon me and have sometimes been able to pray into and see deliverance of people and more rarely, atmosphere's. This teaching has already been so rich, and is answering a lot of questions I have had. I have never had a mentor or any real teaching on this-so I am very excited and looking forward to all that this season will bring! God Bless you heaps!

Thank you so much for the e-course it was amazing very helpful in understanding things that I have gone through and many of my questions have been answered!

Powerful!! Could feel the demonic melt away as you led the activation prayers 🙏. Thank you for this. God bless 🙏 🙌 Incredible course Matt! I'm loving the depth of the teachings. I've searched YouTube before for teachings on discernment and I found very little. Nothing as in depth. Thank you for putting this course out. So glad there's a community of people who get it. Praise GOD 🙏 🙌🙏❤

Thank you for this course. This is exactly what I need. I'm a feeler and this is answered prayer. Thank you Matt for putting this together. I felt alone as most didn't understand what I am/ was going through. I'm so glad to find someone who went through the same and overcame! It's my season to come up from under the oppression. Thank you again. THANK YOU JESUS 🙏❤

Thank you for this teaching which makes me feel I am not crazy and that there is nothing wrong with me.

What a awesome course. I learned a lot. Never heard that about the 3 brains. It explains so much to me on so many levels.

It was a wonderful and helpful course. Thank you so much for all your courses and your ministry. This course is really helping me.

WOW!!! I have experienced all of the things you spoke of but really didn't have understanding what to do with it.

Thank you for the teaching i wish you would come to Georgia and do a conference here. I always wondered why I was always feeling atmospheres when I would drive or in my house. Any where I would go . Sometimes I would feel what people were feeling as well. I'm also thankful for the post that everyone is making. It's blesses me .

Thank you for everything that you have shared! I've loved doing the course and have grown in my gifting in such a short space of time, thanks to the acceleration through the impartations and increased my knowledge and understanding. I feel much better equipped!

Thank you Matt for the explanation of the distinctions between deliverance and healing. Confirms my own deliverance and healing journey! Didn't know that soul trauma existed! Thank you. Praise God that He can use all the trauma we've experienced and been delivered from to help set others free. God is soooooo good!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally meeting somebody who talks my language. Somebody who understands. Gonna learn all the scriptures you pointed out now and looking forward to go deeper.

Speechless, overcome. So powerful . Thank you. 🔥

Thank you so much for this teaching Matt . You make it so easy to understand . You are really a good teacher !

Learning a lot and the questions that i carried around as a result of this gift are being answered with each lesson. Thank you Matt

Wow this is amazing. Thank you sir, I have learned so much and I am grateful. I am hungry for Gods glory.

WOW!! Powerful session !! Increased anointing by the seconds, during the last minutes. Inner transformation within. Thanks, dear Matt. I bless you and your dear family.

This is exactly what I needed. It was so difficult getting help or finding anyone to understand me. I was so sound bound and the enemy fully took advantage of my ignorance. God sent Matt Sorger to help set me free. I am forever grateful.

Such fabulous teaching! It's bringing so much clarity for me. Incredible impartation time at the end of this lessen too - the Glory I felt increased yet again, and I'm hearing the Lord speaking to me more clearly as a result, so grateful. :)

This was a fabulous course! Thanks for sharing your experience with us Matt! I feel much better equipped and encouraged!

Matt, I want to thank you for being real and bringing the practical to us. I agree that daily we have to pray for cleansing from hurts and offenses. The Holy Spirit is so present in these videos, praise the Lord!


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