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Guarding the Gates of Your Life

When it comes to spiritual freedom and walking in complete deliverance from evil, it is so important that we guard the gates of our lives. Gates are the doorways through which light or darkness enters our hearts, minds, souls & bodies. The enemy can only build a stronghold where there is darkness. If we are careful not to allow darkness into our gates, the battle is nearly completely won! A lot of the spiritual warfare people deal with is caused by not properly guarding their gates. Let me be specific. The gates are your eyes, ears and mouth. It is through these portals that either light or darkness enters, based on what we look at with our eyes, listen to with our ears, or speak about with our mouths. Regarding the eye gate, Mt 6:22-23 says, The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is sound, your entire body will be full of light. But if your eye is unsound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the very light in you [your conscience] is darkened, how dense is that darkness!”

Remove Legal Places for the Enemy

If we want to keep evil and the demonic out of our lives, then we have to closely guard our gates and not allow darkness to enter into us. Once darkness is tolerated or allowed to dwell within us, the enemy is given a legal resting place to build his demonic strongholds in our minds, emotions and bodies. Once the enemy begins to take hold in these areas, not only are you tempted to sin, but driven to sin. Suddenly you are no longer just dealing with your flesh. Now you are being driven by forces outside of yourself into things your heart knows are wrong. Sometimes darkness begins to enter into us without us even realizing it. For example, it could start by just glancing at a sensual picture. But with each successive glance more darkness enters into the mind, soul and body. The enemy is given a place to land and suddenly you are now being driven to look at things you know are wrong. If this is allowed to persist, the enemy could build a stronghold of sin in your life and try to cut you off from fellowship with God.

How to Be Set Free

In order to be set free you must do several things. First, you must repent for opening up your gates to darkness. You must confess any and all sin to God in complete transparency before Him. You must ask the blood of Jesus to wash over you, spiritually removing all trace of sin. Once you confess, then you must be washed clean by the water of the word which happens as you read the Bible. You must have your mind renewed by light and truth until the memories fade and are washed clean. It’s also good to get around the anointing, especially in church meetings where God’s presence and power are moving. The tangible anointing will break any demonic yoke or grip the enemy tried to get on you. Then you must make a choice by God’s grace to keep your gates shut to any further darkness entering in. Once the darkness is cut off and you begin to flood your gates with light, the enemy will lose any place he has in you and you will walk in total victory and freedom.

Be Mentored in Walking in Personal Deliverance

Jesus died to set us 100% free! I want to see you walking in that total freedom. For the last 30 years God has taught me principles of personal deliverance. He has taught me how to dismantle demonic strongholds and see every area of the soul, mind and body liberated in Christ. You don’t have to be controlled by demonic oppression, patterns of sin, or by weaknesses in your flesh. You can be completely transformed and set free in a lasting, permanent way. I want to mentor you in breaking demonic strongholds and personal deliverance. 

Join me for this life changing time.

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I'm looking forward to this time together with you.

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