You Carry A Radius of God's Glory

blog ecourse glory Jul 25, 2020

Do you want to radiate God’s glory everywhere you go?
 We each have an internal and external atmosphere. Our internal atmosphere is what we are filled with on the inside. Our external atmosphere is what we release around us. The external is an overflow of the internal. If we are cultivating a negative internal atmosphere, that is what we will release around us. If we allow anger and resentment to fill us on the inside, then eventually our external life and relationships will become full of conflict and turmoil. 

It’s God’s desire that inwardly we are filled with righteousness, peace, joy, love, patience, and all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. God also desires that we live saturated with His presence. If we learn how to cultivate an internal saturation of the Holy Spirit, eventually our life will release His glory, presence and power everywhere we go. 

Did you know your heart radiates God’s presence at least 10 feet from your body?

I have...

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Not Everything I Feel is Me - New Teaching

discernment feeler mentor Sep 05, 2019

As I travel and talk about the “feeling” gift of discernment, I always have people tell me, “I have never heard anyone talk about this before. I’m so glad you are. It has helped me so much!”

Many of us have been wired by God as “feelers”. We have a natural intuitive ability, as well as the ability to sense and feel in the spirit realm, as well as feel the emotions of others and the spiritual atmosphere they walk in.

One of the greatest tools I have learned is this: NOT EVERYTHING I FEEL IS ME.

You will have no idea how this truth set me free. Being an intuitive feeler, I would often struggle with feeling the emotions and even spiritual oppressions of people around me. At times I would even get “transference” from them. It seemed what afflicted them would come over onto me. It was a very difficult place to live from. I felt like I was in constant spiritual warfare. It was exhausting!

You may relate to what I am sharing. If you...

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